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Hildegard Zadek Foundation

the teacher

Life and legacy

”If I had to account for myself upstairs and asked, 'What have you achieved?' I would say, 'I have trained good singing teachers'.“

Singing is a passion – this was Hilde Zadek's credo. '‘Singing is the best thing you can do for body, mind and soul.  People who have lost their equilibrium can find their inner balance again.  Singing creates inner harmony. My life as a singer has taught me really to enjoy things, despite all difficulties and struggles.‘‘

Hilde Zadek  started to teach singing at the Vienna Conservatory in 1965. Upon the culmiation of her singing career in 1971, she was appointed professor.  Countless students profited of her knowlegde in master classes, and many famous singers have emerged thanks to her lessons. Connection  to the inner self, a natural, unaffected and genuine tone –  Hilde Zadek was able to convey what makes  for singing in its most beautiful form.  Some of her students have become teachers  like Hilde  and  pass on her credo; and that is perhaps the most important legacy of Hilde Zadek, the pedaogue: ”If I had to give an account of myself on high and were  asked, 'what have you achieved?' I would say, 'I have trained good singing teachers'.“

“Hilde Zadek was not only a great artist and teacher, I think her life's accomplishment was above all to bring an almost unfathomable humanity to what she did.  Her optimism, courage, curiosity, helpfulness, affection, and above all, her heartfelt altruism make her an enduring role model for me.  From her, you could learn what ultimately makes us human: love.”

Georg Nigl

“I am so fortunate that my path led me to Hilde Zadek in Vienna in 1990. At that time, I was engaged at the Vienna Volksoper and was singing leading soprano roles in opera and operetta. Still in my mid 20's, I had studied singing in Canada but I required more guidance and technical supervision. It was a huge bonus that Hilde had performed nearly all of my roles- she knew every note and nuance, knew the orchestration inside and out and of course had sung under the greatest conductors of her time. She imparted this knowledge to me so generously and freely. Our lessons were joyful, even when I found a technical concept challenging or daunting. Hilde's energy, humor, and her unflagging positive outlook on life made a huge impact on me. Her deep love of music in every form inspired me. I trusted her opinion unequivocally and she counseled me impeccably regarding repertoire choices as my voice developed and grew. We became dear friends over the years and though I moved away from Vienna in 1995, I often returned for lessons and visits with Hilde whenever I returned to Vienna. I am now teaching more and more and I aspire to be the kind of teacher Hilde was to me - kind, positive and generous.”

Adrianne Pieczonka

“Hilde Zadek was a role model for me as a person, teacher and singer. Her profound understanding of vocal diagnostics, coupled with wisdom, musicality and perfection, have been my inspiration and aspiration. Her ability to convey all this with so much devotion, humanity and love is something I will remember forever.
Thank you, Hilde Zadek"

Prof. Tamar Rachum
1986-2017 Head of the Vocal Department, Buchmann-Mehta Music School
Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, Faculty member Tel-Aviv University; still active today as a singing teacher

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