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Hildegard Zadek Foundation


Hildegard Zadek Foundation
Machstraße 13 · D-76224 Karlsruhe · Germany

The Hildegard-Zadek-Stiftung is a foundation with legal capacity, duly incorporated under German Civil Law

Its principal place of business is Karlsruhe/Baden. The competent Supervisory Authority is the Regional Supervisory Authority (Regierungspräsidium) Karlsruhe, in accordance with the provisions of §80 German Civil Code (BGB) and §5 Foundation Act (StiftG)

Authorised representatives:
Prof. Maria Venuti (Chair)
Prof. Michaela Dickgiesser (Deputy Chair)
Prof. Christiane Libor (Member of the Board)

Responsible for the content:
Prof. Maria Venuti


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Concept & Texts:
Vivien Reuter & Christiane Libor